Senior Female Model with FaceliftSome patients grow worried that the results of their facelift won’t last or leave them looking like someone else. This may have been true of facelifts in the 1960s and 1970s that left patients looking even older because their skin was pulled back on their face, revealing the bone structure without the youthful volume to soften it. But today, a facelift is the only procedure that can help you regain your youthful appearance.

Today, patients benefit from tailored treatments that have nothing in common with the facelifts of a bygone era. Here are four keys to the longevity of a natural-looking facelift:

  • Type of technique. The reason for the terrible facelifts of the past is technique. You can’t achieve good results if you pull the skin straight back. Instead, you need to replenish fat and tissue to restore the skin’s firmness. Combining a facelift with fat injections or fillers will make all the difference.
  • Knowledge and experience of the surgeon performing your procedure. No matter what type of technique is used, if you choose an inexperienced surgeon to perform your procedure, you’re likely to need a second corrective surgery. Find a plastic surgeon who knows how to perform a facelift and is well-trained in facial anatomy.
  • Patient genetics. You take on the same aging characteristics as your parents. If you have good genes, then you’ve won the genetic lottery. Your results are likely to last longer.
  • Environments/pollution. The air quality and level of pollution can accelerate aging in any patient. While plastic surgery can improve your appearance, daily skin care can help maintain your results for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Max Pekarev is an experienced plastic surgeon who is trained in the art of aesthetic beauty. His approach blends the latest techniques with attentive care to provide you with the best possible options to revitalize your appearance.

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