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Whether you feel like you’ve never been able to properly fill out a bikini top, or you want to turn heads at the pool or the beach, it’s not too late to have a breast augmentation to be bikini ready this summer!

Your Breast Augmentation Options with Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Max

If you’d like to get breast implants, you have a variety of choices to jointly make with Dr. Max in order to create your personalized surgical plan. These choices include:

• Breast Implant Type
Most women know there are 2 breast implant types – silicone, which is made of a more gel-like and cohesive material, and saline, which is a liquid filled implant with an outer silicone shell. Today, most women choose silicone breast implants. But there are still many benefits to getting saline breast implants, which you’ll discuss with Dr. Max during your consultation before you choose which implant type you want.

• Breast Implant Shape
Breast implants come in 2 different shapes – teardrop, which mimics the natural look of a breast, and rounded, which helps plastic surgeons create more cleavage. The implant shape you’ll eventually choose will all depend on your desired outcomes for your surgery.

• Breast Implant Size
While many women associate breast augmentations with large breasts, not everyone wants to go as big as she can. Some women choose smaller breast implants if they have a slimmer frame, in efforts to attain an hourglass silhouette.

• Breast Implant Profile
You may not realize it, but when you decide to get breast implants, you also need to choose how far you want your implants to stick out. This feature of breast implants is referred to as the breast implant profile.

• Breast Implant Incision Type
There are 4 breast augmentation incision types that women can choose from:

• Periareolar, which involves making an incision around the upper curve of your areola
• Inframammary, in which implants are placed through an incision in your breast crease
• Transumbilical, which is when Dr. Max creates a tiny incision in your belly button, then creates a channel to move the breast implant up to your breast mound
• Transaxillary, which is similar to the transumbilical incision, except this technique involves making an incision in your underarm

• Breast Implant Placement
Breast implants can be placed above or below your pectoral muscles. Which option you’ll choose will depend on whether or not you select silicone or saline implants, and your overall desired aesthetic look.

You Can Swim in a Pool, Lake or Beach as Soon as 1 Month After Your Surgery

While you’re asked to only take short showers during your initial recovery, women who select Dr. Max as their plastic surgeon and are healing properly are generally able to take a dip in the pool, a lake, or the beach as soon as 1 month after their surgery.

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