Female Model Considering Mommy MakeoverCongratulations on taking the first step to restoring your pre-pregnancy body! At MP Plastic, we encourage our patients to prepare for Mommy Makeover in the weeks before their surgery with a few helpful tips for getting the best results. Patients who follow Dr. Max’s tips to prepare for surgery have:

  • Faster healing time.
  • More noticeable results.
  • Less discomfort during healing.

At our office, we provide the best possible treatment to you and support you through every stage of your recovery.

Start Healthy Habits Before Your Mommy Makeover

There’s a misconception that plastic surgery is the perfect solution for massive weight loss without any effort. On the contrary, you should be at your healthiest before considering plastic surgery, in fact, people who are obese are discouraged from seeking treatment because they have chronic conditions that heighten the risks of surgery.

This does not mean patients have to hit the gym hard or go on a starvation diet, but you should begin by:

  • Discussing your plans for a Mommy Makeover with your primary care physician to make sure that you are a good fit.
  • Stabilize your weight before surgery. A Mommy Makeover can tone and sculpt, but it is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Quit smoking because it can delay healing and cause other complications with surgery.

By the time of your surgery, your body will be ready to reap the most benefit from the Mommy Makeover.

Timing is Everything

Now that we’ve discussed what to do before the procedure let’s make sure that you are ready for what’s to follow. A Mommy Makeover will leave you with stunning results, but the road to recovery can be challenging for many patients. Before deciding on a date for your procedure, you should keep in mind:

  • Healing takes several weeks. Tiredness, soreness, and some pain are normal. To recover fully, you’ll need to take it easy and get plenty of rest before resuming normal activities.
  • You will not be able to lift anything over five pounds for 4-6 weeks. This includes lifting babies or toddlers. Now is the time to ask for help from a friend or relative to perform even simple household chores so that you can focus on self-care.
  • Your results will not last if you do not stay healthy. The sculpted abs and gorgeous results will quickly fade if you return to bad habits. The main reason to stabilize your weight before surgery is for results that last. If you take good care of your amazing looking body, your results can last the rest of your life.

During your healing, remember to prioritize your care. This may mean putting surgery off for a while until your children are more independent and you have a few months for recovery, but in the end, the waiting will be worth the stunning results!

To schedule your Mommy Makeover consultation, contact our office at (817) 529-9199 for a consultation with Dr. Max. Your new body is just a phone call away.