Female Torso Showing Lifted Breasts in White TankBreast surgery is often on the minds of many women after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, or age have taken their toll on their breasts. Many, simply, want to correct their sagging breasts and reposition them to their former perkier spot on the chest through a breast lift.

However, many of the women considering a breast lift are concerned that their cup size will change after they have their surgery. To clear up any confusion and help his patients understand what a breast lift is and what it does, this blog will dive deeper into the facts of the breast lift procedure.

Breast Lift with Dr. Max Pekarev

As you age, gravity and the loss of skin elasticity work against your breasts and pull them down away from their intended position. Women who are suffering from sagging breasts often believe they need to have a breast augmentation. However, a breast augmentation is designed to add fullness and volume to the breasts—not raise them. If your primary concern is breast sagging, you may qualify for a breast lift instead.

A breast lift is designed to correct sagging breasts by reshaping the breast tissue, tightening the skin, reducing the size of the areola, and elevating the breasts to a more natural position on the chest. Because Dr. Max Pekarev needs to alter these different aspects of the breast, this procedure is a bit more complicated than a simple breast augmentation

When he has completed your breast lift, you will be left with breasts that are firm and in their former, youthful position. This provides women with a more desirable silhouette and a boost in their self-confidence as well.

It’s important to point out that a breast lift will not add volume to the breasts. But because Dr. Max Pekarev will be removing excess skin and tissues, it is possible that your cup size will change after your breast lift. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer to this concern, which is why we recommend visiting MP Plastic Surgery for a breast lift consultation, so Dr. Max Pekarev can fully evaluate your breasts and let you know what you can expect from your customized breast lift.

Consider Combining a Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

If you want an overall rejuvenated appearance and want your breasts to have more volume, the best thing you can do is add a breast augmentation to your breast lift procedure. This is a very common decision among women and one that truly makes the biggest impact on overall results.

Make sure you’re completely open and honest with Dr. Max Pekarev during your initial breast lift consultation and explain to him what you hope to achieve through plastic surgery. He will fully evaluate your breasts, talk to you about your concerns, and answer any questions you have regarding the procedure. Then the two of you will work together to formulate a treatment plan that will help you get the shape you want.

Book Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Max Pekarev

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Max Pekarev knows just how to achieve the results his patients desire. If you’re ready to lift your sagging breasts, learn more about what you can expect at your initial breast lift consultation.